Playtime, Toys & Treats

All guests have access to our spacious courtyard throughout the day and early evening for daily exercise and play. There are plenty of great smells to investigate; friends to meet, toys to play with and games to be played, all under supervision of our experienced and caring Kennel Attendants. All guests receive daily exercise and play as a complimentary part of their holiday.

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Play Time and Exercise Includes;
  • Supervised one on one games with our Kennel Attendants to provide mental stimulation. Cuddles and hugs are plentiful.
  • Supervised one on one games are fun with a buddy to share experiences and toys with
  • Supervised Yappy Hour is available, with your consent, and under strict supervision for the social guests in our care. These social butterflies of the dog world can mix with others of the same size, age and activity level, play with toys, chat with friends or splash about in the pool. This is one of the highlights of their holiday
  • Just like humans, recreation is an essential part of raising a well rounded, healthy and happy dog. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, play is an essential way for dogs to exercise their minds, practice communication and release energy. At Pampered Pets Resort, play is in a secure area, off the leash and always supervised, ensuring both enjoyment and safety of your companion.
  • If your companion is an Entire Male or Female or is a non-social guest, they are unable to play with other dogs or participate in Yappy Hour. We have a duty of care to all clients and will Endeavor to do our best to assess all dogs to find them suitable playmates wherever possible
  • Understand that this is not a reflection on the dog themselves, as entire dogs can be extremely social and well behaved, but more pack dynamics. The pack dynamic changes considerably and it can become unstable and lead to fights or inappropriate behavior.
  • Entire Male and Female dogs and Non-social dogs will still have the same number of play sessions and equivalent time in our court yard to enjoy themselves with a Kennel Attendant as the other guests
    There may be some exceptions to this rule but it is at the discretion of Pampered Pets Resort.



Pet toys are important items for every Boarding facility. Fortunately, there are many different types of pet toys to satisfy the needs and desires of our guests. Pampered Pets Resort provides chew toys, for puppies and those who just enjoy chewing; fetch and chaser toys, for giving animals the exercise they need; and stuffed toys, for pets to chew or suck on and carry.


Kongs and Wobblers

For those who like to hunt for their food or like treats they want to work for, then Kongs and Wobblers are perfect. Filled with peanut butter, fruit and much more

Treat Trolley

Very popular and an anticipated event in the evening before lights out. Treats include;

  • Dental Sticks
  • Schmako’s
  • Grain Free biscuits

Our furry social family

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