Fire Policy

Montacute is located in the Mount Lofty Foothills and is in a fire zone area.

At the time of purchasing the property now known as Pampered Pets Resort a bushfire audit was undertaken with a Bushfire Consultant and this identified that Pampered Pets Resort is quite well placed should there be a bushfire. Why?

  • The Kennels are situated at the bottom of a hill (fire moves slower down a hill)
  • There is a large, well maintained public reserve opposite the property (reduced fuel load, slower burning, natural fire break)
  • A bitumen road sits between the public reserve and the property (no fuel load – a secondary fire break)
  • There is a large Cherry Orchard to the Southern side of the Kennel that would help to protect the property from fire (well maintained working orchard would have a cooling effect and burn more slowly)
  • That we as owners recognize our responsibility to provide a safe working environment for our staff, a safe boarding environment for our guests and a safe haven for ourselves and our pets

Pampered Pets Resort has adopted and improved on the recommendations made by the Fire Consultant as Pampered Pets Resort has a Stay and Defend Policy for Bush Fire Protection.
To take Cats and Dogs from a sheltered and protected area into the oncoming fire direction is dangerous and is plagued with a lot of problems.

Our guests are more calm and safe in a cool, calm, familiar and protected area with Kennel Attendants that they know, than being moved quickly by people they do not kow to a place they are unfamiliar where their safety cannot be guaranteed.
Should a fire threaten Pampered Pets Resort and we had the time to safely evacuate all boarding guests, we would do so. Volunteers would be recruited and pet owners and or emergency contacts would be notified and given the opportunity to collect their pets in a safe and orderly manner. However should Pampered Pets Resort be in the path of or threatened by a bushfire and believed evacuation was not the best option we would implement our Bushfire Action Plan.

  • 150,000 Litre metal Header Tank maintained all year round
  • Header Tank has a copper plumbed sprinkler system over its roof to protect it from fire
  • All external and above ground plumbing is of copper material with the balance of the plumbing being underground
  • The kennel roof has been fitted with a spinkler system to assist with ember attack prevention and keep the kennel cooler
  • A 20KVA 3 Phase/Deisel Generator has been installed to provide alternative power
  • A petrol pump is located in the back concourse of the kennel where it is protected from fire (The petrol pump supplies water to the front, back and internal hose reels and kennel roof sprinkler system)                                                                                                                
  • An electrical pump is located in front of the kennel building and has some protection from fire (The electrical pump supplies water to front hose real and internal hoses)
  • 2 Fire Hose Reels. One on the Southern side and one on the Northern side of the kennel exterior
  • 2 Hose Reels on the interior of the kennel again one on the Southern Side and the on the on the Northern side of the Kennel interior
  • 5 Hand Held Fire Extinguishers placed throughout the kennel
  • Multiple hard wired kennel smoke detectors are also connected to the house smoke detectors providing constant monitoring
  • Ember Mesh has been placed in the gutters and over the kennel windows to assist with preventing ember attack damage
  • All external gaps in the roofing have been filled with fire rated expanding Foam and sealed with a fire rated sealer to avoid threat of ember attack

There are all the common sense chores that are done that include;

  • Maintaining driveway access for CFS
  • Keeping our grounds free of leaf litter
  • Keeping Leaf litter out of gutters and downpipes
  • Keeping trees tidy and trimmed
  • Fire wood reduced over the warmer months and stored away from the house and the kennel
  • Regular maintenance on our Fire Prevention systems
  • Monitoring the CFS web site and being proactive
  • Having a Bush Fire Plan of Action
  • Regular training and practice with staff
  • Should we need to advise people of a fire emergency, we would post on our face book page and our web site, and have a message on our answering machine
  • If we needed dogs to be collected from the premises we would SMS you or your emergency contact

On days of sever fire and catastrophic fire warnings we ask you to consider the extra work load associated with keeping our boarding companions safe.
You can greatly assist us with protection of our guests by allowing us to go about our daily chores and action our Bushfire Plan if required.

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