Fees & Charges

Fees, Charges

Our all-inclusive rates are structured to give your companion the highest quality care that you expect and that they deserve. All prices are inclusive of GST.

We charge per Calendar day, from the day of check in, no matter what time you check in

High Seasons are Long Week Ends, School Holidays, Easter and Christmas

Low Season is any other time than High Season

All reservations are charged at the boarding rate applicable for the actual days of boarding.

Dog Boarding

Our daily charge is determined by your companion’s weight

0 to 10kg
11 to 25kg
26 to 40kg
40 kg Plus
Low Season

Any other time than High Season

High Season

Long Week Ends, School Holidays, Christmas & Easter


Cat Boarding
Low Season

Any other time than High Season


Per Calendar Day, Per Cat

High Season

Long Week Ends, School Holidays, Easter & Christmas


Per Calendar Day, Per Cat

Please be aware that if you received a quote for boarding and the rate has increased between our quote and your reservation, the new rate will apply to your booking.

Additional Fees & Charges
  • $2.00 per day surcharge for Entire Males over 6 months old
  • $10.00 per booking surcharge for maintenance of Personal Belonging (excludes Medicines & Medicated Foods)
  • $100.00 surcharge for picking up and dropping off outside of advertised office hours
  • $25.00 Cancellation Fee on High Season Deposits
  • Vaccinations are a passport to a healthy, happy and social Boarding Kennel and Pampered Pets Resort deems them as essential
  • All Boarding Dogs require a current C5 Vaccination and
    all Cats require a current F3 Vaccination (we do not accept dogs or cats with Holistic Vaccinations)
  • A vaccination must be administered no later than 2 weeks prior to boarding. Please do not leave it to the last minute.
  • Please bring current Vaccination Certificates for your boarding companions on the day of check-in.
  • All personal items need to be freshly laundered, had a tick and flea rinse and be appropriately labelled kennel use
  • All Medication is required to be in original packaging with clear written instructions and in greater quantity than required for your companions holiday.
  • An $8.00 charge will be made for documenting, maintaining, cleaning and keeping track of personal belongs being left with your pet. This charge does not apply to medicated diets or medicines
Fleas and Worms

All boarders are required to have been treated for fleas and worms prior to boarding. If bringing personal items please ensure they too have had a tick and flea rinse as fleas predominately live in bedding

Collars, Leads & Cat Baskets

Dogs need to be on collar and leads on arrival and departure.
Cats need to be in Carry Baskets on arrival and departure.

Puppies & Kittens

We do not board puppies under 4 months and kittens under 3 months of age

Our furry social family

Our Hours

Monday to Friday

9 am to 5 pm


9 am to 1 pm


3 pm to 5 pm

Our Reception is open for arrivals and departures during the above hours