Discount Policy

Firstly we would like to thank you for your interest in Pampered Pets Resort and take this time to outline our Discount Policy.

Pampered Pets Resort provides a Resort style holiday for your companions and this includes reverse cycle air conditioned accommodation, a selection of premium foods, twice daily, orthopaedic trampoline Kuranda beds, Administering of medication, five playtime sessions daily and complimentary bath and brush for guests staying five nights or longer.

Pampered Pets Resort chooses not to load their daily rate to enable discounting as we strive to offer an affordable holiday experience.

Owner Supplied Foods

Some of our guests are on medicated diets and some of our clients want to maintain the diet that is served at home. Pampered Pets Resort finds this a reasonable request and is happy to accommodate.

Pampered Pets Resort does not charge for this privilege and it absorbs the cost of providing fridge and freezer space, electricity for defrosting and heating and the extra time it takes staff to prepare varying food plans.

Long Term Holidays

Our daily rate is designed to give your companion the holiday they deserve and you, our client, the ability to holiday with confidence knowing your loved one will be happy, healthy and safe.

Many clients travel or have to leave their companions for more than four weeks at a time and some ask if we can provide our service at a cheaper rate. We would like to be able to do this but long term guests require even more attention and resources to maintain their mental and physical health.

We thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Our furry social family

Our Hours

Monday to Friday

9 am to 5 pm


9 am to 1 pm


3 pm to 5 pm

Our Reception is open for arrivals and departures during the above hours