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Tucker Time

Tucker Time is a health food for pets offering a complete and balanced natural diet, enhancing the well-being of your pets.

The Tucker Time story started in 1988. At that time, fresh, balanced diets for pets were not readily available. Many dog owners were experiencing numerous problems with their pets, such as skin disorders, often linked to a poor diet. The Tucker Time mission was to provide a high quality natural diet, which would be complete, balanced and fresh and help to combat nutritional-related health disorders.

Tucker Time, in conjunction with animal nutritionists and veterinarians, went to great lengths to develop the unique Tucker Time formulation: a food which contained only the highest quality healthy and functional natural ingredients and would aid owners in managing their pets’ skin and coat health. Through ongoing research and development, many other discoveries followed and Tucker Time as we now know it, was born.

Over the years the formula has been improved and two revolutionary natural products Naturezyme® and Naturebac® were incorporated to provide significant digestive benefits. Read more about these ingredients here.

Tucker Time is produced in a modern facility in Western Australia. The rolls are made completely on the premises and all the raw ingredients are sourced to ensure only the highest quality. Tucker Time does not use any genetically modified ingredients, or anything artificial in the preparations. Tucker Time provides far more than just a nutritious complete and balanced diet for dogs: it is one of Australia’s leading health foods for pets.

           Tucker flavors and roll sizes

Chicken and Vegetable 1.50 kg
Chicken, Beef & Lamb with Garlic 1.50 kg
Chicken and Vegetable 3.00 kg
Chicken, Beef & Lamb with Garlic 3.00 kg

Tucker Time Specialty Range

Puppy Care 1.50 kg
Arthritis & Senior 1.50 kg