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Feline Playtime

Cats can have fun too

Pampered Pets Resort knows how important it is to provide much needed stimulation to ensure your cat has a happy habitat where life is interesting, comfortable and of course where they they are well fed


  • Our air conditioned, multi level Kitty Condo’s have overhead hiding places with soft beds for quiet private moments and comfortable sleep
  • Drinking fountains provide the relaxing sound of water and promotes drinking and relaxation
  • Scratching posts are provided for stretching their bodies, flexing paws and claws and grooming purposes, like removing dead outer pa of their claws
  • Great thinking toys like Treat Mazes, that makes our guests work for their dinner and promoted an active life style and Sense Speed Circuits to satisfy natural curiosity are available for our guests enjoyment
  • Interactive Automatic Rotating Laser toys are also greatly appreciated
  • Cuddles are plentiful should your cat enjoy this activity with two scheduled Play Time sessions per day during your companion’s holiday