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Is your pet currently taking any medication?

We are more than happy to look after your pet’s medical needs during their stay with  Pampered Pets Resort. We do of course consider the accurate recording and administration of medications a high priority, and as such we can only administer prescription medications as per the vets written directions on the label on the bottle.

We cannot accept prescription medications in any other container or with any other instructions.

Please note that Pampered Pets Resort cannot deviate from these instructions as directed by the prescribing vet. If you, as the owner advise us that the dosage has been altered, please take the time to get these details verified by your vet prior to checking in at Pampered Pets Resort. (This is a legal requirement)

We do not charge for the administration of oral medicines, topical ointments or vitamin supplements.

If your pet is taking non prescription drugs such as vitamin supplements, we will of course make sure they continue on their course. We will simply require that you initial beside the description and dosage written on the booking form.

Long Term medication users should bring more of their medications than required for their holiday, as sometimes guests spit out medicine and it deteriorates, prior to administering.

Regretfully Pampered Pet Resort does not board Diabetic Dogs or Cats. We recommend boarding with Vets and professionally trained house sitters who can accommodate this type of boarder.