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House Rules for Cats


Vaccinations are a passport to a healthy and happy Cattery and Pampered Pets Resort deems them as essential.

All Boarding Cats require a current F3 Vaccination to be able to board. This vaccination covers;

  • Feline Enteritis
  • Cat Flu.

Most vets suggest a two week quarantine period after vaccinating your pet as some times your pet may develop a mild reaction to the vaccination. Pampered Pets Resort errs on the side of caution and asks for a 3 week quarantine period.

If your pets vaccination is about to lapse prior to boarding or during the boarding period and you are unsure as to vaccinate or not please call the office on 08 8390 2237 as we don’t like to disappoint.

Flea, Tick & Worm Treatments

Pampered Pets Resort insists on all boarding guests to have been treated for Fleas and Worms two weeks prior to boarding as per the Victorian Code of Practice for Catteries.(Round worm, Tape Worm and Hook Worm are Zootic and can be passed from pet to people)

Any cat coming into the Cattery that are found to have fleas or worms will receive immediate treatment at the owners cost.

Tick Treatment must be up to date for pets arriving from regions susceptible to ticks. (Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales)

Safe Transfer

All cats entering or exiting Pampered Pets Resort must in a cat carrier from the car park to the office or from the office to the car park. Your pet’s safety is important to us and as cars are coming and going regularly.

Check In and Check Out Hours

Pampered Pets Resort offers 24 hour care to your pets; however our standard reception hours are between 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1 pm Saturday and Sunday between 3 pm and 5 pm.

Reception service may be provided outside of these hours with prior arrangement but a fee of $100 will apply


All rates are based on twin share accommodation


The balance of your boarding, transport and services is to be paid in full on or prior to departure.

Veterinary Assistance

The health and safety of your companion is important to us and sometimes they may fall ill or become injured during their holiday. Pampered Pets Resort will seek veterinary assistance and treatment from their normal vet where possible and in a case of an emergency with one of our vets in a timely manner.


Pampered Pets Resort will administer oral, topical, eye and ear medications. Pampered Pets Resort will only accept medication that is directly labeled by the prescribing veterinary clinic. Medications that do not have a clear, unaltered veterinary label displayed on the packaging and medicines that are out of date will not be accepted or administered. This does not include off the shelf natural, homeopathic or alternative treatments.


Pampered Pets Resort chooses to feed quality Super premium foods . If your companion has special dietary requirements we are happy to feed your own foods as long as it is pre packaged in meal portions and labeled with your pets name.

Personal Belongings and Bedding

Pampered Pets Resort provides all guests with everything they need whilst holidaying. Every  Condo is air conditioned and is fitted out with a tinted window overlooking the valley, canvas chair and blanket, soft bed, scratching pole, water fountain, water bowl, private litter tray, toys, treats, and has music. Condo’s are cleaned and sanitized daily to destroy germs, viruses, moulds and bacteria making it a clean environment for your Felines.

Please Note

  • Pampered Pets Resort reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet that does not have proof of current vaccination, displays signs of having a contagious condition or demonstrates aggressive behavior or is in season.
  • Our prices, policies and hours are not negotiable and are subject to change without notice.
  • Pets may be viewed via our face book page
  • We do not board entire male cats, Diabetic cats and kittens under 3 months of age