Pampered Pets Resort

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Diet and Nutrition

We cater for fussy eaters and provide an interesting variety of tasty meals to encourage all our guests to eat properly during their stay.

Our kitchen serves twice daily. Breakfast between 8AM and 9AM and a second meal between 2PM and 3PM. Our Chef chooses to serve her warm meals in stainless steel bowls, without the use of preservatives, artificial flavours and colorants in her menu choices. Our home oven roasted chicken is a favourite.

Our premium menu choices are balanced and nutritious consisting of:

  • Tucker Time™
  • BARF™
  • Super Premium Dry
  • Fresh Chicken and Turkey Necks
  • Home oven roasted Chicken,
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Rice & Pasta

Dietary needs

If your companion is on a prescription diet, this will need to be supplied.